While ((URY)) is Away, Coco's Blog Comes Out to Play!

Well hello there and welcome to the first Coco..Electro summer blog to make up for the lack of Monday night electro due to ((URY)) being off air outside of term-time. Sad fact of life I'm afraid.
But anyway!! As well as topping you up with the ol electro juice through the medium of this here blog I may as well give you an update on my recent shannanigans too!
Right so I said goodbye York & hello Mama & Pops house! After a rather heavy last week of uni, my week at home was a little slice of heaven; AMAZING food, supplement pills galour and a serious dosage of sunshine. It also resulted in me getting in touch with my reggae side slash love of diplo and putting this song on repeat! (Click to Listen) I have no idea why. It must be a summer thing

But true to form I then got bored of the whole moving home & being a child again so I moved to Bristol! And thats when pause turned to play on the insanity record once more...

Point proven.

We began the weekend with WILDER, my best mates band, hosting one of their takeover parties on their synth players boat.... oh yes.

Photo By Kaja Brokington

It was an awesome night fuelled with face paints, laughing gas, lots of very happy people and music that could be heard the other side of Bristol...perhaps I shouldn't have stood next to the speaker, then maybe I could actually respond to questions instead of nodding my head & looking bemused...

But yeah, WILDER are pretty darn awesome so check them out. Here's their single which will convert you to the wilder side!

Wilder - Girls Vs Boys

So post-party-mong-a-thon has resulted in finding these songs which I think will do much to satisfy your electro buds:

Miami Horror - Don't Be On With Her

Jack Beats is back with a tune sure to get every dance floor bop bop boppin

Jack Beats - Out of Body

Foxtrot ft Kendahl Gold - (Kids at the Bar Remix)

The Living Graham Bond - Skimmer

This one's for Bec (aka Little Bit)

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Autoerotique Bootleg Remix)


Groove Armada - Won't Kneel (JSaxton Remix)

oh and ps. water + laptop = coco is unlucky with technology. FACT.

so actual musical update isnt the best of quality. but never fear I will be back with more!!

It was actually really refreshing to go to a house party last night which wasn't blaring out dubstep or minimal techno but instead some serious soul & funk!

Grandmaster Flash - White Lies

The party was explorer themed...cue weird photos:


This house party was a lot more civilised than the one i went to the previous night which can only be paralelled to hell. a lot of people falling into holes. and i don't think i will ever forget the smell of their compost box being thrown into the garden. gagtastic.

...but the guy doing a running jump into a pile of dog poop was entertaining enough!!

So with university momentarily in a different galaxy, the rate at which my knowledge progresses has decreased considerably. oh dear.

for example. things i have learnt so far:

1. 'social gun' is another name for a camera.

2. that is all.

So now its just a case of rain, rain go away so Coco can go to the art gallery and not stay inside for another day.

BUT with every day passing in Bristol, the more i think I am in wonderland...