Estragon: Let's go.
Vladimir: We can't.
Estragon: Why not?
Vladimir: We're waiting for Godot.
Estragon: Ah!

Samuel Beckett Waiting for Godot

And I thought I didn't make any sense at times...


13th September. My Brother's Birthday.

I enjoyed the first episode of this.
The cinematography is wonderful in my eyes.
And my oh my how I love the hairstyles & costume!

Yeah so if this somewhat shitty September weather has been getting you down.
Start the day with these:

And once you've woken up. Check these out.

Sebastien Tellier's Myspace

Mouthful Of Diamonds (Michna Remix) by Michna

Michna's Myspace

Not too shabby.

Oh I also found some phone photos...This is England '10 yeah?

oh and This is England '94


Consumed by words

You have this to blame for my lack of correspondence...

and this is what i found after typing the title into a search bar.
*major skills*

Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Kid Freakout Remix)

Curiosity led to this next discovery.
Curiosity didn't kill the CocoRosie cat.

(related to Ulysses by parelled levels of peculairity.)

CocoRosie - Jesus Loves Me (Bearbot Remix)

Oh and this is what youtube had to offer;
an animation
of Joyce's epic.
Got the jist?

wow. i love my degree.