at times of essay strife. one must follow three simple rules.

1. consume caffeine to raise heart-rate to 190bpm.

2. listen to an eternal cacophony of DRUM N BASS.

3. accept insanity as a consequence of academic productivity.



OH MY, these guys are playing at Fibbers, York tonight!

alas I cannot go because I have an essay....so go and have a mad one on me! BOOM!

here's some tunes to get you in the mood

green with envy would be an understatement.


was going to post this tomorrow as I've been on a blogging mad-one today but I just couldn't wait.

i am utterly memerized by this song at the moment, not to forgot the video! choose the HD option... so worth it!

check this out too: how the video was made.

take note: during the interview with the dancer, you can only see his physical expressions if you look at the computer projection in the background...CLEVER!

also... "humanoid".... what a word!

be sure to listen to the Dark Sky & Rustie Remixes too! I honestly cannot decide which version of this song I prefer.

sign of a TRUE TUNE.

check this. oh hello, welcome back Skream.

seems as though only the big boys & girls at Radio1 can get their mits on this track at the moment so keep your ears peeled.

doing a little summit summit with Jack Wills York, promoting their Bonfire Night Boathouse Party last week!

oh and Orillo Productions have skillzzzz


ooo look who has mixcloud....here's the last show. stick around for the tracklist!

apologies for the RUBBISH sound levels around the 15/20 min mark. the desk had a bit of a tantrum.....not being a bad workman and blaming the tools or anything. ha.