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Goodbye Coco Electro... Hello Radio Coco! haha so cheese.



4 words... This Guy is Fifteen.

Oh and to prove his genius just that little more, the description to this latest upload is 'Got bored... so this.' 

Oh to be 15, creative and full of free time!

Mary Anne Hobbs has already picked up on the talent of this youngsta producer from Leeds and I'm sure she won't be the last. Keep your ears out for this one.



After the astonishing album Grey Oceans, CocoRosie have now released new material on Touch and Go records in the form of a 2 track 7" EP called We Are On Fire. 

On the title track the sisters seemed to have entirely left the twinkling childhood innocence of previous records Noah's Ark and The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn, and evolving from the tortured soul-searching of their latest album Grey Oceans they have ended up strutting around in some red velvet covered late-night lounge.

It kind of reminds me of Esthero circa 2005... I'm not sure how I feel about this.

The second track "Tearz for Animals" features Antony Hegarty laying down his distinctive soulful and mourning vocals. This track seems a lot more like a natural progression for CocoRosie's previous sound and it pleases me greatly. Antony, Bianca and Sierra all in one makes for a very happy Coco.

So "We Are On Fire" has left me confused but "Tearz for Animals" has salvaged this to form a borderline sublime release.

I am on the edge of my metaphorical seat  for the subsequent album.

Video for We Are On Fire:


You may have already heard Kwikfiks - I Love You if you've been browsing Youtube and been drawn to the superlative artwork which is none other than two lovely lady derrieres. The track now has over 300,000 hits which despite most probably owing to the olive tones of said ladies, it is in fact a rather boss track. 

However, Kwikfiks, aka 20 yr-old producer Danny Voicu from Toronto, has more than just a catchy-if-not-slightly-pervy photo collection and a one hit wonder.

He has just released this rather delightful Her EP which you can download for free or at a price of your liking from his bandcamp.

I'm a big fan. The vibe is familiar to current sound trends but this five-track EP is also innovative enough to make me keep listening. I'm rating "Burn You" with it's strong dreamy vocal loop that keeps your head swaying and a subtle kick snare combo keeping those feet tapping. "I Don't Know Her" is also madly addictive and makes me want to drive down the motorway really fast to it.

Disclaimer: I aint condoning no pervery or speed-limit breaking. Romeo dunn.


OK, so the sound of this doesn't really fit on the usual Coco Electro bill but as an aficionado of all forms of creativity I feel overwhelmed to share with you these mind-blowing videos from Woodkid.

Here's the good bit... Woodkid is in fact not only the singer and songwriter but also the director of these videos. His name is Yoann Lemoine and he was responsible for bringing us Lana Del Rey's incredible Born to Die and Blue Jeans videos and that infamous aids-awareness video of the rampant public toilet graffiti.

Yoann says that his creations are "related to subjects such as childhood, absence, nostalgia, sexuality, fashion, symbolism, and of course that patchwork, that collision between different worlds and techniques, which is what I’m made from, I guess."

My oh my, this Yoann is one talented man....and I think I'm in love with him.

Happy watching!

Directed by Yoann Lemoine
Cinematography by Mathiew Plainfosse
Produced by Mourad Belkeddar
Styling my Ellen Af Geijerstam
Post Production by OneMore Prod
3D Artist: Jonathon Benabed
Flame Artists: Herve Thouement
Video Commissioner: Pierre Le Ny