So after it's excruciating demise thanks to Skrillex, Korn, Britney & Justin Bieber. The final nail in the coffin has been struck.



As a Christmas treat, Rattus Rattus, London bass aficionado, has done a mega 30 minute Coco Electro Mix and its yours-all-yours as part of all the festive merriment and cheer. And as always we have an interview to sate your niggling musical-enlightenment hunger.

Enjoy! and a Very Merry Christmas to you all x
Coco Electro Mix - Rattus Rattus by Coco..Electro
DJ Narrows - Babylon Must Fall
DJ Sunday Roast - Troitech
Noissses - The Don (Hostage Remix
Mista Men Ft Detboi - Happen to You
Dubsection - Pulse
Fella Dee - Foot Soldier
Shift Key - You Tonight
L Major - Soilitude
Greenmoney - Boomticka
Champion - Rainforest
Woz - Hydrolix
Diafrix - Simple Man (T William Remix)
DJ Pantha Ft Queen T - Dirty Dancefloor
DJ Sunday Roast - Roll On
Pusherman - Shake It Off
Tee Circus - Screamer

When did you start djing/producing? What got you into it/ why did you start?

Back in 1998 I started buying and collecting vinyl. At the time all the music I wanted to listen to Garage, UK Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass was only available on vinyl so I bought some rubbish decks and becoming a DJ was pretty much an inevitability. 

Who/what are your major influences? 

In all honesty to many to mention but I'd have to sight Massive Attack and Liam Howlett as the two main influences which led to me falling in love with music.

Who would you love to collaborate with? (1 realistic, 1 fantasy) 

There's a lot of producers I really like in the scene but I'd love to get in the studio with Redlight I love the way he gets all his tracks to sound and the vibe they have are a cut above most other people. I'd love to get in the studio with Paul Simon, but somehow I can't see him vocalising a dance track.... Although never say never!

Vinyl, CD or digital?     

Having spent years ruining my back carry two bags of vinyl to gigs I can confidently say digital DJ'ing. I would love to play on vinyl through Serato but you can't trust clubs to have serviced working turntables so unfortunately I now play of Serato CD's. 

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a gig?

When I was out at Hideout Festival last year the boat party I was playing on sailed into a rain storm. So we had to quickly relocate the set-up to the captain's cabin! But all the ravers weere great and kept on dancing in the rain it definitely made it really memorable.

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?

Probably at Snowbombing last year the Prodigy where headlining and I'd never seen them before. Needless to say possibly some of my mind is still up that mountain!

Where’s your favourite place to play?  why?

Definitely Fabric, the set-up is brilliant and the monitoring is just perfect. It's always such a pleasurable experience playing there.

Do you think anyone can learn to DJ and/or Produce? What’s your best tip for beginners?

I do think anyone can DJ or produce I'm not so sure that everyone can make a living out of it. I think the best advice I can give is know your tracks inside out, practice constantly and be prepared to play for free. I'm always quite shocked with some people who expect to be paid almost as soon as they've started dj'ing. 

What do you listen to most in a track?

In terms of searching for stuff to play out I tend to concentrate on hooks and lead lines as there has to be something for the crowd to latch on to. Above that I love a good cut up glitchy vocal :)

What are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ whats your ambition? 

 Become lord of the rats and take over the world.

Where will you be playing next/ what projects do you have lined up? 

The next real big thing is Fabric on the 13th of Jan but I'm constantly DJ'ing all my dates are always updated on my Facebook -->  https://www.facebook.com/djrattusrattus Project wise I'm hard in the studio still trying to perfect my production is something I really want to focus on moving forward.

What are your favourite ways to find new tracks? 

I get sent a lot of great music but I still do the obligatory trawling of soundcloud and beatport. I'm not bothered if it takes all day you always come across real gems that no-ones heard of doing that.

What’s the future of Dance music? Who do you think we should keep our ears out for?

I think it's clear everything's going more deeper and housier at the moment. Some people are making some fantastic Garage and it's great to see that returning. I think it's safe to say crowds are becoming tired of the bass war we've been in for the past couple of years.

Why is music important?

If you cut me I bleed it.... I went to the doctors about this and I'm waiting for the test results.
What are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?

Pusherman – Shake It Off
Mista Men – Baby Cham
DJ Narrows – Enter The Dance
Highest Order - Conqueror
Kry Wolf – Love Noise
Photonz - Spectre
Zinc – Unlike Me
Azari & III - Reckless
DKS - Chas
Pulse – Dubsection - Pulse

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