'Quick! Press play! Are you ready for your quest? '

This is the view from which to you I write.

Yo yo yoooo! Guess what kids?? It's time for....


Today i added to my repetoire of mixing technology and water. The portable telephone got it this time. Thankfully it survived the ordeal. Unlike my laptop which still hates me.

So my lovelies, what has happened this week?

It started in a haze.

I had to send off my entry for the Student Radio Awards but true to form, my brain waited until 24hrs away from the deadline for the lightbulb to appear above my head, BOOM!
It dawned on me that i could download the trial version of the software that got lost with my laptop water catastrophe & use that to make my entry!

This resulted in a day of editing induced insanity & bad health.

Nevertheless i got it done & dusted! Fingers & toes crossed for the nominations thank you please.

I then got roped into making a Zelda themed obstacle course around the house.

Don't ask.com

After all the fun & games I then had some time on my miniture hands to find some music for your needy ears.

When i first saw the words Fat Boy Slim i won't lie i was tempted not to bother listening. But I'm so glad I did! Make sure you do too. Here's the link ->

Fat Boy Slim & Herve - Machines Can Do The Work (Reset! Remix)

Judging by this lots name, Vodka & Milk should maybe probably definitely steer clear of bartending. Well it's a good job that their remixing is as sick as their ethanol & dairy combinations then isn't it.
Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Vodka & Milk Remix)

I think i'm a little bit in lust with this next song. Mustard Pimp never fails to please.
Designer Drugs - Riots (Mustard Pimp Remix)

( i've just seen a someone walk past with a really fluffy little dog & pink bag that looked like a watering can. cute.)

Ok so this excites my electro senses a bit too much. It was out on 20th July. DO IT.
Dexplicit - Trouble in Space

So I used to love Uffie but then realised that her little face probably wouldn't appear in a picture
dictionary under the term lyrical genius but hey her music aint at all too bad for booty shaking. Spesh when it gets remixed! 10 points to the 1st person who deciphers all those darn acronyms!
Uffie - ADD SUV (Carte Blanche HMV APC BTW Mix)

When first listening to this next one, i hoped for all the people in china that the incredible original of this song wasn't about to be massacred. Rest assured China, It wasn't.
Massive Attack - Teardrop (Knight Riderz Remix)

Very Bloody Beetroots-esque...nothing wrong with that at all!
Tiga - What You Need (CLKCLKBNG Remix)

Ignore the overly large intro to this one, theres a little electro twist that salvages all!
Jully Black - Running (Torro Torro Remix)

So in the words of the my childhood hereos. That's all folks!


Here's some pictures of my wonderfully creative surroundings this week. Enjoy!

p.s. lesson in life. don't drop a box of matches in your lap. pain in the arse.