oooo look what I've been doing...

Boat Party

Dressing-up as Cyndi Lauper...

fun fun fun fun 

this week i'm going to a skate park to make videos and be a general

then it's big birthday bash time with my gyaldem. pictures will follow i promise!!

so whilst i'm frolicking about, familiarise yourselves with these!

  Luca C & Brigante feat. Ali Love: Different Morals by Southern Fried Records

  Sermon (Seekae Remix) by ThTch

oo yeah this moombah rerub of The Weekend is a beaut!

  Love & Hate by David Heartbreak

next up is a duo i saw support CocoRosie last year..only now have i found out what they were called as I was rather too inebriated at the time to remember. duh.
(click to listen)

and here's something to put your to sleep
(also click to listen)

peace x