This Friday I'll be at Mixmag's Energy Sessions watching Drums of Death, MJ Cole & The 2 Bears play! Boom!

Drums of Death has made a delicious 35min minute mix in prepartion for it too. Loving his deeper, darker sound. Very hypnotic.

   MOTW: Drums of Death by Mixmag


i WISH i could just casually fly over to the Bahamas for this!!

say WUT?? an electronic music cruise??? oh my.

welcome to TEETH, this release on Ramp Recordings is tight!

   RAMP046 / Teeth - Swarm/Shift/Sequence/Spawn by RAMP Recordings / PTN


Exciting free release from extremely talented producer Reso.

paha wut is this video!?!

this song is catchy as hell too!
So for the next 2 weeks I'm residing in London interning with the record label Civil Music and promotion and management company Hyponik.com

If you love Coco..Electro then you'll love these people!

Civil Music represent the likes of killer artists Drums of Death, Debruit and Darling Farah, and are fast gaining popularity on the London circuit.
 (listen below to know that I don't tell no fibs)

Civil Music also give away a plethora of  free tracks on their site so head over if 
you love free s**t!


Hyponik are an ever advancing multi-talented company that not only promote most clubnights in London, and manage many artists we love but they are now also creating blog-like content on their site Hyponik.com

So if you want no frills, straight-up, way-ahead-of-most-people information, reviews and free releases on and from the breakbeat, dubstep, bass (and all those other electronic genres that never really stick to one sound) scene *now breath*.... then check this site out.

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