This weeks Monday Night Mix came flying over that big puddle known as the Atlantic...

That's right, this week Ottawa, Canada was representing!!

Thanks to
DJ Brains4Brkfst!

This show was siiiiccckkk!

Not only did, i pull a couple of muscles dancing my ass off in the studio, but Brains4Brkfst (aka Dario) also hosted a "listening party" at the Falldown Gallery in Ottawa, at 3pm (their time), to listen to the show live.


Oh and I managed to coin the phrase "moombahrevolution"...you heard it here first all right...hehe

Here's some lovely knowledge for you... 2 of the tracks tonight came from FREE albums / mixtape...here's the links

So here's what our boy Dario, had to say for himself on the spit...

what is your real name? (if you give it away)
dario luigi petruzzi.

when did you start djing?
oddly enough i began djing when i was 17 inside this type of dont ask what occurs in the back room and we wont ask how old you are type of venue in quebec. after a few too frequent biker fights occurrences i decided to live as a seemingly normal high school student carrying one too many popped collars and extremely poor judgment when it came to the opposite sex. since those horrifying days of old i dabbled with djing whilst in university with a friend of mine. while our intentions were good, as we played for beer, our choice of name, dj snugglebots, might go down as the worse thing to happen to music since auto tune. now i am on my onesy and have been attempting to make a meager living from it for about a year and a half.

who/what are your major influences?
while living in ottawa carries its boring misconceptions, its rad djs per capita is rather fascinating. id like to say that along with getting inspiration from larger names amongst the dj industry worldwide, i grab most of my inspiration from our local talent and the people who have evolved from it; acro, frame, drastik, krom, illo, bustin jella, a tribe called red, and jokers of the scene. its one thing to draw illumination from international successes but it something completely more fulfilling to sit down with the people who make up your dj community and not only witness but also, if youre lucky enough, be a part of something they are creating.

what are your favourite dj tools?
to be honest, i just picked up a rane57 and ableton so i am just as clueless with them and as i am with the inner workings of the female brain. as far as equipment stands i use serato and cdj 400s. nothing fancy, just effective.

what are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ whats your ambition?
if i am going last in the dj industry, whatever that means, i desperately need to start producing. while i am tremendously thankful for the opportunity to open for the acts that i have it must be a completely different and perhaps even more rewarding feeling of playing your own songs during a set. not an edit, not a mash up, something completely and uniquely yours. other than that we throw a party here in ottawa entitled GRILLZ and Glam where we smash together glam rock and hip hop and the response, to me anyway, was shocking. people seems to been really enjoying it so id like to see that party 'tour' in a sense. bring it to montreal, perhaps toronto.

where will you be playing next/ what projects do you have lined up?
other than weekly residencies, oddly enough i do a lot of small town parties. i dont know what it is about it per say, but the best nights are nights where you appear in a small town to play a party packed full of young degenerates who have never heard you play let alone the music youre about to use to make their brains explode. something in the water perhaps, small towns enjoy rage fests. in addition i'll be going on a small campus tour during the months of september for frosh related parties and to open for larger acts. always opening, never closing, kind of like a girl i once knew in high school.

who would you love to collaborate with? (your dream collaboration effectively)
if we are staying true to the 'dream' collaboration i'd like to say diplo ive been fortunate enough to stand beside the man as he played and he's actually part insane. drops, build ups, sheer face melting, he is tremendously talented. i'd also like to party rock with dj sega. i dont think the man has ever gone to sleep in his entire life and anyone who consistently rips his shirt off during his set is not only someone i want to play alongside of but more importantly someone i strive to become.

what are your favourite ways to find new tracks?
finding new tracks evolves hours of the ol blog searching. its a black hole and there are times where i would like a vast majority of the hours ive wasted doing it back. receiving new tracks is something that fills me with unspeakable amounts of joy. seeing a message on your sound cloud that says this track has a secret link or getting an email that says don't share this anyone might as well be better than making out with prom queen behind the bleachers.

who do you think we should keep our ears out for in 2011
while there are countless djs to be observant of (a tribe called red) and im sure you know way more than i ever will, i feel that moombathon and all of it subs genres are making gargantuan strides in the dj realm. i'd stay on point with everything moomba.

what are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?
Munchi - warface (munchi likes moshing rmx). moombacore!
Toddla T - shake ya body naked (dj sega south philly club mix).
Afrojack - Pop on acid.
South Rukkas Crew - hands up (original).
Party Harders & The Subs - the pope of dope.
Herve - Together.
Fuckkk Offf - worldwide (fuckkk off remix).
Udachi - P-Funk Skank.
Dillion Francis & Diplo feat. Maluca - Que Que.
Dre Skull - want you back.
incase you didnt like those!
Reset - sex machine (original).
Aretha Franklin - i never loved a man (the way i love you) or, since you've been gone. might be the best songs ever written!

You can find & follow dario on all these...wheyyy go mental!

twitter: @brains4brkfst


SBTRKT - Wildfire ft Little Dragon

SebastiAn - Embody

A-Trak - Trizzy Turnt Up

South Rakkas Crew - Hands Up Brasil (Double Riddim Remix)

Afrojack - Pop On Acid

DJ Brains4Brkfst - Coco..Electro Monday Night Mix

Party Harders & The Subs - The Pope of Dope

DJ Dago, DJ Ewerk ft DJ. Loverboy - Lose Control

Reset! - Sex Machine

Travis Porter & Redlight - Make It Rain (Paul Devro Edit)

Jakes - Warface (Munchi Likes Moshing Remix)

Slap In The Bass - Egypt (Neki Moombahton Edit)

Sidney Samson - Panorama (Emilien Jakier Remix)

Udachi - P-Funk Skank


ooo la la!



Are you looking forward to this??


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