My favourite band ever (alongside CocoRosie), Little Dragon, have released their third album!!

After somehow managing to caputure all my loves in sound form previously with Little Dragon and Machine Dreams, they've only gone and completed my year with the release of Ritual Union on Peacefrog and EMI.

Recently LD have had a spurt of popularity off the back of their collaberation with Gorillaz and SBTRKT so this release has received a lot of attention. This is awesome and I'm so excited that LD are getting all the exposure they deserve!! But... I do think they need be recognised for the magicality and sense-caressing charm of their previous releases too. 

So if you haven't heard Little Dragon (2007) or Machine Dreams (2009)...do so first, fall in love with Little Dragon yourself before experiencing Ritual Union..you will love them so much more for it. Trust.

Check out 16 Bit's remix of this track too!

And after that, go get yourself all emersed in Ritual Union...It's beautiful and it is Little Dragon through and through. 

You can buy it HERE!

And if you can't wait any longer you can stream it HERE!! 

I also had the pleasure of seeing them live last year in Leeds...the best experience i can recommend to you. seriously. They are so respectful of their fans, stretching out of their tracks into 6/7 mintues synthy-bass symphonies so along with the spectacle of Yukimi's mezmorising vocals and dance moves, you will experience a feeling of allowing yourself to fall backwards without knowing whats behind you and being caught in  a cloud of cotton wool and caressing hands...or something similar. 

P.S. If you can't get enough of Yukimi's breath-takingly enchanting voice, you can hear more of her with Koop and Hird!