It's all about Rye Rye

Ok, so I have a bit of a love crush on hip-hop electro (don't quote me me on the exact name of the genre. I'm not well versed in such things)

So it's just a case of some good tunage!

Rye Rye, a Baltimore local. She's got some good tricks.

I actually played the Stanton Warriors Remix of her song Bang on my show many moons ago & since then have indugled a little into her musical inventory. Here's some of what I've come across.

Enjoy my pretties!

Rye Rye - Tic Toc (Whis This 3Step Remix)


Rye Rye - Bang (Prince of Ballad Remix)

Rye Rye - Rock Off Shake Off
Top notch Bangers & Mash for this one

If you fancy a gander at more of the joys of Rye Rye, here's a good place to start ->her MYSPACE

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