This week's Coco..Electro heard the return of the Coco Electro Mix and making the return a successful one was 
MikiX The Cat. DJ/Producer signed to Trouble & Bass and  founder of ADD CAT Records. As always I also asked a few non-too-probing-yet-highly-enlightening questions for your pleasure. So to find out more about the man behind the (delicious) sound, read below.

When did you start DJing/producing? What got you into it/ why did you start?
I started to produce music when I was 16, basically I was doing some edits of breakbeats, jazz, electro, soul fusion etc for my dance crew, training on loop so I didn't have to touch the CD player between 2 footworks.

Later on I kind of followed in the foot-steps of my brother who was a beat maker and rapper at the time. When he wasn't around I was jumping into his room to practice making beats with his MPC. He taught me how to sample and all the basics. I made my first club music when I was 20 “Dead Disco”, using a demo version of Ableton live... I tried to make a disco tune ahah! But I was very happy and proud to have my music OUT so I stayed in the electronic music scene and released my first “hit” Freeze EP 9 months later on Trouble and Bass.

I then started to tour all around the world which meant I could quit my boring studies and 2 jobs to focus on music instead :) With DJing, I first trained for myself and for my DJ crew (Bboy for life ! ) When I was 19 I found a little job as resident dj in a bar in Paris, I was supposed to play only house music so it was the best way for me to try tunes and see how people would react, it was a real pleasure to make people dance, now I'm 24 and I still love it!

Who/what are your major influences?
My major influences are Quincy Jones, Madlib, Theo Parish, overall J Dilla!

Who would you love to collaborate with? (1 realistic, 1 fantasy)
Snoop Dogg, and my fantasy, because he passed away, would be to spend a day in the studio with J Dilla !

Vinyl, CD or digital?
Vinyl!!!! The feeling you know! But I play with Serato to test demos live.

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on a gig?
I’m always stressed before a gig because I always have problems with vinyl turntables, and when they won’t work the thing is that you have to look pro and act like everything is ok so people may think “s**t this guy is a so bad DJ” ahahah it’s happened 3 time and I felt really bad … :’(

What’s the best night out you’ve ever had?
All nights are different, different promoter, crowd, city etc so the best night is of course when all your friends in the city come to see you play and everybody has a good time.

Where’s your favourite place to play? Why?
Berlin is cool because they enjoyed sweet music and go crazy when you play groovy beats! You don’t need to play a HEAVY track to drive them crazy I love it!

Do you think anyone can learn to DJ and/or Produce? What’s your best tip for beginners?
Of course, this is what’s been happening for the last 2 years; everybody is a music producer and DJ now. If I have a tip I will advise you to stay in something you like and to not follow the hype! Just be yourself even if people don't understand you, we need some new faces to make the difference between all the “music producers”, and first of all make it with love!

What do you listen to most in a track?
The texture for example the quality of the drums and the groove, the Melody, I don’t listen to the structure I don’t care if there is no break or if it’s a 3mn track the most important for me it’s the “texture” more it’s crazy better is it. I don’t like 100% software music, the same round kick and perfect snare in all that production … I like it dirty!

What are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ what’s your ambition?
My ambition is to produce a Band or any kind of singer. Making my imprint ADD Cat Records now hehe, and if I have time finish my fashion line project …to be a legend!

Where will you be playing next/ what projects do you have lined up?
Exactly the same as my ambition! But for the moment my priority is ADD Cat Records and to make people understand the “sound” of this label.

What are your favourite ways to find new tracks?
I dig around on beatport every sunday, it’s long but I have my fave records label, some small, some big and I also dig around on facebook/soundcloud, friends of friends of friends etc and people who send me promo/demos or add me on soundcloud.

What’s the future of Dance music? Who do you think we should keep our ears out for?
Too many names to drop and If i forget one, peeps gonna kill me ! but I like how things are going in the UK and in Paris/france. We're starting to have “our song” again, things are more and more interesting.
But yeah the future of dance music is on ADD Cat Records of course !

Why is music important?
Because it’s makes you feel good and cheers you up more with frequency !

What are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?
1 Sasha, krister Linder - Cut Me Down ( Ryan Davis remix )
2 Bodika - Acid Battery
3 Runaway - Indoor Pool
4 Momma’s Boy - soulchops
5 Mykle Anthony - Best Of (Deniz’s freestyle version )
6 Tom Hades - Threads
7 Alex Bau - Noise A ( Alan Fitzpatrick remix )
8 Garry Back - Askaig
9 Momma’s Boy - Keep Me
10 Thomas Shumacher - Kitsh Katsh

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