The beauty of life...perhaps not just as we know it. Can I hear a 'oooo'?

I know this is a little off topic for Coco..Electro but i never saw a rulebook!
I expected no more from tonight than to continue browsing the web for more musical delights until my dear mum mentioned that there would be a meteor shower tonight!
Intruiged, i came across such websites as these:
So i thought I'd see for myself what Perseids had to offer.
Equipped with a pouch of tobacco, a cheeky drink & fur coat (for warmth) & my trusty straw hat to stop the barnet ruining the view, I was ready to bare witness to the wonders of the universe (oh its all about the sensationalism this evening) ...well until I caught sight of myself in the mirror & realised I resembled a 1950s pimp. The hat was swiftly removed.
So I'm fortunate enough to live in a house in country, blessed daily with an amazing skyscape.

Even more fortunate to have a east facing back garden perfect for catching the action. I was lucky tonight in that the sky was amazingly clear. Serious case of star measles.

Let's set the scene. One seriously comfy outdoor sofa, the click click of crickets accompanied by the rustle of trees and the odd swooping bat (which scared the shit out of me) and the most amazing view of the sky, I was hoping I hadn't built myself up for nothing.

Unfortunately I am in no way literate enough to even begin to convey the magic of what I saw next so I guess I'm going to have to resort to the good ol' fashioned tally. (Or numbers in this case as I haven't a clue how to get tallies on the keyboard)

Big Ones - 6
Little Ones - 6
Movers - 5
Aeroplanes - 7

I'm guessing my less than scientific names for the meteors may need some explaining. Cue horribly witty descriptions...

Big Ones - The meteors that you reaaaally want to see. Lightening streaks of violet tinged with a golden amber. Don't blink cause you'll miss them but they are breath-taking!

Little Ones - Cheeky flashes of white shooting across the sky. Simples.

Movers - Ever been convinced that a star was moving? Well these ones do. Undistinguishable to the untrained eye ( i have two) from your average star but if you watch real carefully you can trace them on their silent amble through the mesh of stardust. Fun to watch as they'll send you into deep thoughts about the uncomprehendible distances they must be travelling! Deep shit mannn.

Aeroplanes - Those flashing tricksters that first send your heart into a flutter as your imagination flashes back to childhood fascinations with ET and Independance Day only for your nonchalent adult knowledge of mankinds advancement in flight to bring you back to reality. Dull.com.

And so after some seriously space induced inspiration and borderline insanity, my watch beeped farewell to Thursdays 12pm to welcome Fridays 00.01 am. That plus my rather chilly behind was my cue to retire to bed & to the land of nod.

Definitely inhaled far too much stardust tonight & will probably read this tomorrow and realise how much of an arse I sound. But hey whats wrong with a bit of arse every now and then. Ooop.

Don't worry, the meteor shower should last till tomorrow night so if you missed out tonight you're not too late to catch a glimpse of a 5000 yr old meteor! WOW.
I did try to get photos but it turns out my smartphone isn't so smart after all! Internets always a good bet though.


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