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Well well well, it appears that some time has blown by since the militant party marathon that was Global Gathering but never fear for Coco is here with a little blog of joy for you my love muffins.

Friday night of Global I must admit is rather blurred slash non-existent in my memory...
When in cerebral doubt, use the Global website to sort the ol' memory bank out!

Apparently that night I saw:

Steve Aoki!

Wait. I definitely remember seeing him. I even have a picture to prove it (ability to use camera = memory still intact. YES!)

As the founder of Dim Mak Records and general musical God, Sir Steve Aoki (title self- administered) blew the roof off the Global tent!!

Here's his latest venture >

Be sure to check out the Dim Mak website as there is some serious talent embedded in those cyberspacial walls! Oh & there's a shaweet clothing range too! Shot Gun the Cambells soup tin tee!

I've been told that I was fortunate enough to witness the magic that was 2 Many Djs on Friday night. Hmmm, I
do have a slight recollection of them standing in what seemed to be a spaceship come to think of it... (ok so that sounds like i was consumed in a world of hallucinogenics. Negative. It was a world of over-priced Tuborg fresh from a man with a barrel for a rucksack!)

2 Many Djs finished the night off with a wonderful cacophony of sound mixed with the expertise
of a top notch distillery!

This a favourite of mine >

Interested? Here are some links lovelies!

Katy B was definitely enjoyed by the majority of DJ's over the weekend. But I know you must have heard Katy On A Mission by now so I'm going to point you in the direction of her collab with Magnetic Man. ( Actually 3 magnetic men. Skream, Benga & Artwork) It's called Perfect Stranger & if you like her current song, you'll love this. Ok, so it may potentially become a slave to the chart but it's sweetly inoffensive. Check it out.

So Saturday was a little less blurry despite consisting of 12 hard hours of stealth partying.

Our favourites of the night were Chuckie & of course the Bloody Beetroots.

Chuckie, originally from the land of the Dutch, he was such a surprise on the Main Stage. Looking like he was having the time of his life, Mr C got the crowd seriously going!

He also hosts his own seriously sucessful night called Dirty Dutch & is playing at Nottinghill Carnival on the 30th August if anyone's around! With his cheeky chappy smile, superstar dj skills & as a heavy contributor to UNICEF, Chuckie's earnt his place on my list of potential future soulmates...(that comment was for comedic purposes. for those worried for my sanity, no worries, such a list does not exist.)

Anyway, check out his tunes & get link happy! >

So next up it's Bloody Beetroots. Also on the Main Stage & highly anticipated they definitely did not fail to pleasure! With ambitious drumming, the nonchalant use of a microphone as a plectrum on Gibson coupled with stage diving & occasional synthy sitdowns. That hour made the £130 completely worth it!

Can't quite picture it yet? Try this

Can't see the video? Click here!

These guys take their music as seriously as their partying & even have a manifesto on their website!

Listen & see for yourself >

Bloody Beetroots - I Love the Bloody Beetroots (As much as that's me declaring the space in my heart for these italian stallions, it's also the name of their song.)

"Everyday an artist gets up and knows he has to run. What he doesn't know, perhaps, is that he doesn't have to run...alone"
Bloody Beetroots Manifesto

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