Bit late I know but I've been moving house & tings!

Here's the last show of my second academic year! Eeek scary times.

The Monday Night Mix came from up and coming Bristolian DJ & Producer WOZ.

Here's what he had to say for himself

what is your real name? (if you give it away)
Ash Westlake

when did you start djing/producing?
Ive been producing for almost two years and djing for four years.

who/what are your major influences?
I think the city of Bristol has a big part to play. I always get loads of ideas just standing at the back of a rave in Bristol. I take a lot of influence from older garage and jungle, i also try and listen to a lot of word music beacause the instruments and rhythms are amazing.

what are your favourite djing or production tools?
I'm not gunna say too much but i use logic and ni maschine.

what are you hoping to achieve in the long run/ whats your ambition?
I just want to be making music for the rest of my days, enjoying it and hopefully make a living out of it. I'd also like to travel the world djing.

what projects do you have lined up?
At the mo I have an e.p coming out soon on London label 'blackbutter records'. I also have another e.p due late August on Bristol label 'dropdown records'. Both of which im overhyped for! :)

 who would you love to or dream to collaborate with? (can be as real or phatastical as you wish)
I'd love to make a track with Shystie, just to make a hard club baanga.. Producer wise id love to work with Mumdance, i love everything he makes.
Dream wise i would have loved to have made a track or just be in the studio with man like J Dilla (RIP). Dude's a Hero and a Genius!

what are your favourite ways to find new tracks?
Radio is usually the one for me if not i'll just check the hype on twitter or keep onto artist mixes.

who do you think we should keep our ears out for in 2011 (excluding yourself ha)
MelĂ©'s smashing it at the moment!.. A good friend of mine who goes by the name 'NightDiving' needs to get the attention he deserves this year! and just watch out for the new genre 'Moombahton', gunna destroy the clubs this summer!

what are your 10 of your favourite tracks at the moment?
Shy fx - Raver (B. Traits Breaking Bad Remix)

Roska - Abrupt

A Trak - Ray Ban Vision (Feat. Cyhi Da Prynce) (Luckybeard Remix)

Skream - Where You Should Be feat. Sam Frank (Seiji Remix)

Dark Sky - High Rise

Redlight - Source 16

Last Japan - Big Man ft. 321 & Gstar (Skanky remix)

Michel Cleis - La Mezcla

Bookoo (Woz & Nightdiving) - Digiton

Munchi - Gracias 

Shy Fx - Raver (B Traits Breaking Bad Remix)

Bert on Beats - King Konga

A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision (Luckybeard Remix)

Beastie Boys - Don't Play Know Game That I Can't Win ft. Santigold (Major Laser Remix)

Digition - Bookoo (Woz &  Nightdiving Remix)

Munchi - Shottas (A Tribe Called Red Remix)

Woz - Coco..Electro Monday Night Mix

Woz - Seen
Woz - Banglabanga
Racknruin - Territory (Woz remix)
Woz - Junky
Tomb Crew - Watch This (Woz remix)
Woz - Loose
Woz - Birdwatch
Woz - Ultraviolet
Woz - Ward 207

Dreadsquad & Lady Chann - Island Lovin' (Kush Arora Remix)

Skream - Where You Should Be (Seiji Remix)

DJ Self Help - Cape Cassandra

Antwerp - Equinox

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